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Transform parking amenities and parking bays for residential, commercial and industrial developments into real value and an opportunity to attract quality clients. Plus from a new building code or regulatory compliance perspective Excharge will work with you from advice, planning and certified completion, and also post install maintenance support if required.  

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Both Customer Demand Driven
And also BCA Compliance

Where the majority of property developers today are already factoring in a handful of shared EV chargers per site, the reality is that the property development landscape is changing very quickly. New South Wales Building Codes will mandate the provisioning for EV Chargers for every parking bay from October 2023 with other states expected to follow suit. 

Outside of BCA the vehicle landscape is also being reshaped with more than 50% of new vehicles expected to be an Electric Vehicle by 2030, and with 90% of charging done at home or work your tenants are going to expect a charger to be included and will form part of their investment decision.

Excharge is an ideal partner for Developers to ensure you achieve your commercial and compliance outcomes on time and on budget. Fill in the enquiry form below or call us on 1300 1800 01

Considerations on Selecting
an EV Charger Installer

When working with an installer for your Development or Project there are some things to consider:

  1. Is your installer suitably qualified and do they have experience working on larger scale construction projects

  2. Can your installer provide a report before work commences

  3. Can you provider guise you on considerations of practical physical space required and positioning of chargers, or dedicated electrical conduit requirements.

  4. Is the selection of appropriate charger hardware appropriate, or can they supply a full range at value based on current and future demand.

  5. Beyond EV does your provider have the capacity to install and integrate with on site batteries or Solar.

  6. Is the solution offered full service including software load balancing and Billing software support?

Fill in the contact form below or call us on 1300-1800-01 for a confidential discussion about your plans.

Why Excharge for Developers
And Estimators

Regardless of which stage your project is on, our team will work with your PM, Electrical Consultant and Architect to help develop an understanding around how electric vehicle charging options fit into your specific building plans, plus provide estimations unit supply and installation costs.


By partnering with our expertise, you will save time deliver on budget. Our goal is to deliver a service that makes the process of installation and management seamless and hassle free.  

Get in Touch

Please provide your best contact details and an Excharge team member will be in touch straight away. We will help on any questions you may have, and help guide you toward your own home EV charging station.

Click Here to learn about Excharges Domestic installation Terms and Conditions.

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