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Excharge offers EV Charger installation and support for EV Drivers in units, flats, villas, and apartments.

Live in an apartment and

drive an Electric Vehicle?

The popularity of apartment style living continues to grow in Australia, as does the popularity of EV's in urban environments and bringing in infrastructure such as Charge Point means that working with Body Corporate and Strata manager is an important early step.

Excharge can assist with this process to ensure the best fit for your situation.

Simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch with next steps.

Communal EV Charging vs. 

a dedicated charge point?

With the majority of charging happening overnight it makes long term sense to do this in your own car space with your own EV Charger. Even if your building offers a level of communal charging this is a good option for the short term, but is not sustainable for an extended period of time. Talk to us about how we can help.

strata-EV Charge.jpeg

Accounting for electricity

used to power my EV

Excharge offers a choice of options to track and pay for the electricity used to charge your vehicle. This will be a requirement from the owners corporation or body corporate before we can install your new charger. Typically we connect to your existing meter, or depending on your charger this can be done via the chargers software itself or a software application.

An on site visit will confirm the best way forward.  

Get in Touch

Please provide your best contact details and an Excharge team member will be in touch straight away. We will help on any questions you may have, and help guide you toward your own home EV charging station.

Click Here to learn about Excharges Domestic installation Terms and Conditions.

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