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The number of Australian employees commuting to work in an Electric Vehicle is increasing and the growth in EV's will be exponential over the next 10 years.  What's more the momentum behind fleet electrification is accelerating due to several factors including regulatory imperatives, lower total cost of EV ownership, and a greater commercial alignment on environmental sustainability. Talk to Excharge today about upgrading your commercial EV infrastructure. 


Boost Business whilst 

Future Proofing your site

There are many benefits to investing into EV Charge station for your business. These include; show real commitment to your employees with the convenience of at work charging - this becomes a differentiator when attracting and keeping talent. Attract customers to who stay longer and spend more. Earn consistent revenue by charging customers and visitors for charging. Reach your strategic sustainability targets, and of course gain an early edge over your competition.

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EV Charging, an investment

into staff, clients and business

Commercial EV charging can generate profit in a number of ways. The simplest way to drive consistent revenue with EV charging is by setting your own charging fees. Secondly, by providing your customers with a convenient charging experience, you encourage them to browse and spend more time on site, which translates into revenue opportunities. Thirdy, once your charge location become visible on popular public charging maps, this attracts net new high disposable customers and boosts your brand. And of course you are doing good. Confirming your sustainability credentials whilst meeting compliance guidelines.

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EV fleet solutions for forward

thinking Australian business

EV's are the preferred choice for business fleets due to better economics, as they are cheaper to run than combustion fueled vehicles. Whats more by leveraging renewable energy options such as on site power and charging it's possible to run EV's for no ongoing cost whilst impacting carbon targets with zero emissions. Excharge can help you with small footprint to large scale installations and as an ongoing partner as you transition your existing fleet to EV's.  

Commercial and Fleet


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Commercial EV Fleet sites often have specific considerations that Excharge can support you on including Level 3 Supercharging, or DC Fast Charging, Engineer plans to ensure each site complies with DA requirements and has the capacity to meet current and future growth. Power load balancing to ensure your network capacity is optimally utilised. Payment solutions to provide flexibility for third parties or contractors to charge on site, and of course as a preferred partner for major vendors Excharge can help you benefit from bulk valued infrastructure for scale projects.

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