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Range anxiety has been identified as a significant concern for EV owners. Commuters, travellers, and also commercial owners need and want access to convenient, reliable and efficient electric vehicle charging located in public car parks. Put simply, users will make decisions on parking locations based on the availability of public charging availability.  

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Public EV Fueling for
Covered & Open Spaces

To maximise the success of Public station infrastructure close consideration of the location, accessibility, traffic and electricity supply needs to be made. This includes answering questions such as when is the right time to install EV Charging? What is the location and footprint required? How will the chargers be managed and should we charge for EV Chargers as a value added service? Can we utilise Solar? And how? Can we leverage Government or industry incentives to maximise ROI?

Leverage Government
EV Growth Grants & Support 

The Australian Government is focused on increasing adoption of Electric Vehicles by 2030. Significantly the NSW Government has announced and investment of half a billion dollars in tax cuts and direct incentives to drive growth of the EV market. This includes funding up to 75% cots of EV Chargers and 50% of software for Visitor centers, and $171 million to co found the building of a network of ultra-fast charging stations. 

Similarly each State has varying levels of Government funded EV infrastructure and uptake support.  

Complete our contact form to discuss how we can help you to achieve a public charge space, potentially co-funded through EV incentives.

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Three Step Approach
EVC Design and Installation

At Excharge we deliver a full circle EV Charging System designed for the daily operational rigours of commercial and public use.  Step 1 involves a Site Inspection to identify the power profile of the site, including the current primary power supply and substation capacity. We then begin the second step site design plan customised to the scope and site limitations. Step 3 is the installation stage of the charge points including future provisioning. Once complete we also provide a maintenance support to ensure continuity SLA's are kept.

Contact us for a site inspection or a chat about your plans.

Get in Touch

Please provide your best contact details and an Excharge team member will be in touch straight away. We will help on any questions you may have, and help guide you toward your own home EV charging station.

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