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More than a charger, its also an advanced business and sophisticated home solution. 


Wallbox Commander 2 provides the easiest and shortest path towards smart electric vehicle charging for your business at the right price.


Combined with myWallbox for businesses, included at no additional cost, this EV charger for businesses reduces the overall investment in installation and power demand thanks to features like: smart load management, lifetime operation support and activating charging as a revenue stream.

WALLBOX Commander 2

    • Customisable home screen (change to your car type!)
    • 7" Touchscreen with a customisable interface.
    • Adjust the charging power or control your consumption via the screen.
    • Lock/unlock the charger to prevent unauthorized use.
    • Program scheduled charging to take advantage of off peak power
    • 5 metre Type 2 cord

    Reduced Cost of Ownership

    Includes advanced business features, which reduce installation and operation costs while at the same time enabling a revenue stream. And for home users the myWallbox application does not require a subscription and is completely free to use when connected to your home's wifi network. 

    Always Connected

    Out of the box 4G connectivity, including a free SIM card and connectivity subscription. Ethernet & Wi-Fi options ensure an online charger and thus a high charge up-time.

    Easy to Share

    Secure shared access with password protection, RFID cards, or the myWallbox app.

    Durable & Reliable

    Certified water and dust resistance with IP54 and IK10 protection ratings, allowing for safe indoor or outdoor installation.
    Monitor energy consumption, view charging history and schedule charging sessions through the myWallbox Application. You even have the option of configuring your Wallbox so that it charges at the most cost effective time of day.

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